Hey Words

Hey words I can’t carry you around anymore, you’re getting too heavy.

I need to dump you all out on this paper words but I don’t know if I’m ready.

You words can say things so many ways now and still be misunderstood.

And I think that if I could just hold you in a little bit longer words then everything will turn out good.

Maybe I could just put you down words, one at a time.

I won’t worry about making you pretty words, and maybe I won’t even rhyme.

Maybe words you won’t be witty.

Maybe words you won’t be grand.

But maybe words you just need to be nitty gritty.

Maybe then words people will understand.

They might see words that we have stories that don’t all read the same.

They might see words that we look a lot like each other but that none of us go by the same name.

I hope words that since we’ve all kind of been held back, that we might slow down to really read words and maybe cut each other some slack.

Can we give grace words and make more room?

Can we put ourselves in their place words so that redeemed lives can grow out of this and bloom?

Because the new normal doesn’t have to stay words, we can decide what we want to do.

But we have to come together words if we want the best world for me and you.

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