My Fit

My fit may not be your fit, and that’s just fine!  My fit has not always fit me either.  We are an ever-changing people, Amen!

So my biggest advice when it comes to your own fitness goals is to find something active that you love to do and start there.  And when you get tired of it, learn something new and repeat! Just don’t stop moving and changing.

I wasn’t worried about taking care of myself physically until I started working a full-time job, going to school, eating like a dumpster and feeling like one too.  I’d added an extra 20ish pounds to my 5’2″ frame and was just not happy with how I looked or felt.

2012, no exercise routine, eating whatever I wanted. Not confident or motivated. Not overweight, but not healthy.

I needed a change. I quit my banking job, started a new job with my family, and took a deeper look at my physical health. Because I had no fitness foundation to work from, Jillian Michaels videos (30 Day Shred & Yoga Meltdown) became my best friend. Jillian scared me in the best way as she gave orders like  “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable,”  and my personal favorite, “I want you to feel like you are going to die.”  I felt it and started to like it.  But I was still missing something…

And then someone asked me to run a half marathon (thanks Misty, you changed my life).  I’d never run more than 3 miles at a time and that was even a struggle, but I found a running schedule and began to fall in love with logging miles on the road with the wind in my hair, sunshine on my face (or rain or snow or humidity because this is Illinois), and finished my first half in 2:30.  I was hooked on running, and I don’t think I’ll stop until my feet stop carrying me.

April 2018, almost 4 months after Conrad was born. Working out 4-5 days a week and eating real food. Thank you for excusing my closet mess! This is my real life!

Becoming a runner gave me the confidence to try new things. I love the challenge of doing hard things and learning what does and doesn’t work for me. Being a mother of now 2 babies with a full-time job and a commitment to community activities I have to make the workout time I do have work for me.  It has to count or I count it out.  I’ve tried Zumba (nope, no thanks), yoga Tuesday’s, restorative yoga (perfect when you just want to do legs up the wall and take a nap), kickboxing, karate, weightlifting, and tons of Beachbody videos. I try it all and am now confident enough to start making up my own workouts when I get bored or need to mix it up.

I’d like to share some workouts with you from time to time. Maybe my workouts will fit and if they don’t, I challenge you to find something that does!

Watch for Wednesday Workouts!