Hello, welcome to my blog. I’m Brooke.

I grew up and reside in a small farming community where I work as a Jill of all trades at my in-laws’ businesses. My husband and I are raising two babies, six-year-old Charlie Kate, and three-year-old little boy Conrad Matthew, we farm some family ground and sing and record southern gospel music together.

In my free time, you can find me writing pages of my future books, devouring pages of other people’s books, chugging coffee, running country roads, and loving on my friends and family.

When life gets really crazy I’ve always turned to words.  I love to speak them, write them, sing them, give them away, take them in, and share them here with you.

This blog started out as my mustard seed, a tiny seed of faith God started growing in me.  2 years ago I was afraid of sharing too much, but now I’m afraid I’m not doing my job of sharing enough.

Fit, Grit, & Grace is my hope for strength and inspiration for myself and for others.