Goodnight, Mister Man

Sunset so pretty mama,

says my little man nodding his head.

It’s beautiful baby, I say to him,

now let’s go to bed.

We run and chase upstairs

to brush our teeth and snuggle again.

It’s so hard to put him down sometimes.

I just keep singing his song

and breathing him in.

He’s growing so big now

and getting harder for me to carry.

But I’ll hold my arms out to him always,

be right there even when it’s scary.

We say our prayers now,

his little heart learning.

Now go to sleep my mister man,

I’ll see you in the morning.

Don’t shut door, he says

so I leave it open just so.

We say goodnight again as I go downstairs,

and soon to sleep he’ll go.

I can’t believe I get to love this boy,

with his smiling dimple face.

I thank God for what joy he brings,

and for giving his mama unending grace.

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