Fall Things

September and October has been a blur of homeschool, homework, and harvest, but it has also been two months of learning, growing, and leaning into my Savior with thankfulness.

First Fall Thing, homeschool is hard. Never did I ever think I’d be homeschooling, let alone homeschooling while working a full-time job and finishing an English degree, but here we are. Here we are and I am thankful! I get to watch Charlie learn to read and write and I absolutely can’t believe how blessed I am for this time with her. Everyday is not routine. We don’t do fancy curriculum or organized learning, and we both have thrown our fair share of fits as we figure out our own learning rhythm. But everyday we get this precious time l to push ourselves and we do it together.

Second Fall Thing, I am five cute little weeks away from my English degree. Going back to school has been a struggle…it’d been seven years since I’d taken a college class and it showed. But, showing my kids and myself that I can make time for family while still going after what God has called me to do has made every 300 page novel and every research paper worth the effort. It has been a true test of discipline, faith, and endurance, but my why is even more clear.

Third Fall Thing, this harvest season I hauled more loads to the elevator than I ever have in a fall, and I learned how to hook and unhook from the wagon and head cart all by myself. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it really is to me. Usually I have a few good meltdowns and cry my way through the last few days of farming because I just want my life back. But this fall I had a change of heart and a change of attitude. I realized that this is my life, this is a blessing to share this time with my family in the field, and this is right where God is growing me.

Over the last two months running on little sleep and needing to complete what seemed like a million things on my list, the phrase “God provides” was written all over my life. God provided time for homeschool in the midst of hurried morning rides to the field, God provided wait time in the field for pages of research papers to be written and novels to be read, God provided a lesson in loving where I am, God provided time for laundry, dishes, workouts, and podcasts that were scripted just for me, and most importantly God provided in ways that told me I was His and that I was seen.

So maybe the last few months have been a blur for you too and you’re ready to just coast through until the end of the year. But I encourage you to keep pressing play everyday. Buckle up and keep driving forward even though you just want a break. Because Fall Things have shown me that God provides for me in the midst of meltdowns and in the middle of cornfields too. God has provided for me and He can still provide for you.