Fall Afresh – Our First Fall Retreat

There is beauty in the fall.

The leaves are changing and bursting with colors that surely bring death. The tree is radiantly burning with fiery leaves as she prepares to let her shed descend. Then as the leaves begin to fall to the ground, as they should and as they do, the tree prepares for winter to be barren and fight to take root.

Then the air grows cold and the tree sits empty in expectant waiting. She waits as she knows the promise of the fall. She waits on that promise as the snow piles around her, and as the ice stings and freezes her tree bones. Faithfully she waits. And as promised the warmth returns a little each day. She waits in the bitter cold nights but trusts the sun to shine a little longer and a little brighter, and to carry in the Spring in God’s own time, in His own way.

Then buds begin to sprout and to grow a new thing in her. She nurtures seeds of hope and faith that will grow and grow as she faithfully waits once more. For it’s in her Spring that she thrives and blooms, as we should and as we do, for she knows the heat of Summer will soon be back and will be knocking at her door.

Then the Summer sun blazes and the change arrives with death still true.  But again she welcomes the importance of her dying self so that she can Fall Afresh, begin anew. 

She takes in the new life given to her each day and she waits faithfully on God through it all. Because she knows her purpose is to live in truth and die to self, oh she gladly welcomes the fall.



We don’t have all the details, we don’t have all the plans, but Bethany and I have a dream that is so tender and meaningful in our lives right at this very moment, that we just cannot wait any longer to share it.

Who We Are: We are calling ourselves Roving Hearts, but we are Bethany and Brooke, cousins, believers, lovers of the hearts of all God’s women, and fully recognizing that we as women need each other to hold our hands, lift our heads, and to share the word of God.

What is our Vision: Our vision is extending our hands out to women as far as God will allow us to reach through small intimate retreats where we will provide several opportunities each year to spend a weekend in God’s Word while we worship, fellowship, exercise, and grow in Christ together while enjoying the nature He created.  And also through online resources that can be used at any time to encourage, study, teach, and change hearts in Jesus’ name.

When & Where:  Fall Afresh, our first Fall retreat is set for November 9th – 11th, 2018 in Columbus Indiana, and we expect to start our online presence in the coming weeks, after Bethany has a BABY!

What We Need From You: Pray for our plans.  Let them be straight from God and not at all of ourselves.  Spread the word. Follow our blogs. Reach out to us. We want to meet you and hear what your heart is needing right now.  And don’t be afraid if we reach out to you!

Until we have our own website you can follow me here, and follow Bethany at http://www.bethanyburt.com

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