Just Start

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about anything IF:Gathering related, but since my first experience of IF and hearing Jennie Allen speak a good word from Jesus, I’ve never been the same.  God gave Jennie Allen a phrase, “Disciple a generation.”  Jennie obeyed and now women like me are giving ourselves permission to trust God.  We are praying on our knees that God would use us in ways we can’t even fathom.

You see, I’ve had these little mustard seed ideas that have been growing as I feed them more and more faith.  But they’ve also been shaded and stunted while I teeter on the edge of trusting God and being scared to death of failure. I’ve prayed that these tiny ideas would just start themselves. I just want them to grow and bloom and be what God wants them to be, but I haven’t had any idea where to find the starting line.

While I waited and prayed, God was placing some of the same ideas into someone else’s heart, and laying plans out right before her. She messaged me the other day and said, hey, I have a super fun super awesome super crazy idea I want to run by you, with the monkey face emoji with his little hands over his mouth. That’s how I knew it was going to be amazing!

And it was. God is so cool! She just started pouring out these plans that went right along with the ideas God had put in my heart. Here I was thinking I was Moses sent to save the Israelites, saying, “Who am I, God, to start this thing you’re asking me to do?” And He just ever so wonderfully says, “You’re not alone, Brooke, here’s my daughter, now go do what I’ve asked you to.”

So now we get to do work. We don’t wait. We just start. Grab the hands of other women and bring them alongside us. Strengthen, encourage, teach, and feed the hearts, souls, minds, and bodies of the women in our midsts. I’m so excited to see where this goes.

God is faithful. Maybe not in the ways we want him to be, or in the very moments we ask him to be, but he is continuously working for our good just waiting for us to trust him enough to wait on him.

Starting is hard. Waiting on God is hard. But God is faithful to finish the good work he started in us. -Philippians 1:6

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