Move You

I want to move you. To move you to move from here to there.

I want to move you.To move you to places you’ve been afraid to dare.

I want to make you feel something. To start up your heart, make it beat faster.

You can’t live with a heart that feels nothing. You have to move or you’ll live in disaster.

I want to move you to the change you wish to feel.

To move you to that place in life when all your dreams become real.

I want to move you to live in front of your past. I want to move you to stop looking behind.

I want to move you so that you’re running so fast. Away from your mistakes and toward those mountain goals you’ve been trying to climb.

I want to inspire you.

To light and ignite you.

I want to start a fire in you.

So you can burn down the walls you want to break through.

I want to move you so you can move others. And give them the tools to do the same

I want to move people to move their sisters and brothers. And give them a hope for new starts, new hopes, and new names.

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