All Together

“Have you ever had a breakdown?” I was asked this question recently, and when I quickly answered, “Umm yeah, which time?” I was met with, “You just seem to have it all together.” Let’s all laugh together.

have it all together. verb phrase. To have one’s life, feelings, energies, etc, satisfactorily arranged; be free of emotional and behavioral dysfunctions

“To have one’s feelings satisfactorily arranged; be free of emotional and behavioral dysfunctions.”  STOP IT! Like all my feelings are packed just so in their

Color-Coded Corresponding Compartments.

Now, rage and anger, you stay in this corner. Fear, you get in there beside them. And happiness, you just stay right out here where everyone can see you.

Lord, bless my dear friend. Don’t bless her for trying to compliment me by the standards of the world. Bless her for showing me that


People are seeing my happy smiling face, my cute red jumpsuit, and my running miles coming in higher and higher.  They are seeing the things that help me hold it all together, but they don’t see the things that I struggle with, the fears that keep me up at night, and the things that hurt my heart.

I do not have it all together. Actually, it’s all falling apart, landing every which way and I’ve been here hurriedly scooping pieces up before I forget where they all go.  But I’ve decided that I’m done trying to put those pieces back just like they were. If people can’t see me breaking then how will they know it’s ok to be broken?

Because it is ok to be broken. God takes the broken down things and if we will believe, “in him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17

We break and that’s what makes us grow.  Finding beauty in the breaking should be where we are most comfortable.  Let’s cuddle up to our insecurities, and stop being afraid to fall on our knees. Let us try embracing new places, running new races, and lifting up new faces in Jesus’ name instead of our own.

We cannot keep it all together because life is not meant to be lived contained by our standards.

All together is altogether ridiculous. So let’s stop making that our goal.

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