Welcome to Fit, Grit, & Grace

This blog started as my mustard seed.  My tiny seed of faith that told me God had words for me to share with others.  I was so hesitant to put down these personal words and then press publish.  I really didn’t want anyone to read my words and then think differently of me.  But my mustard seed has taken root and is spreading throughout the rest of my life.  It’s taken over my fear of sharing and turned it into a fear of not sharing enough.  From my mustard seed, Fit, Grit, & Grace has sprouted and I can’t wait to watch it bloom.

Fit, Grit, & Grace is my hope for inspiration for myself and for others.  In this season of my life, I’m experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, anxieties, and joys.  As are many of you.  Through these three ideas of Fit, Grit, & Grace, I want to walk alongside you.  I want you to walk alongside me. I ask you to share as I share, learn as I learn, and grow as I grow.


Definition 1 – in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise

We don’t have the same bodies that we used to do we?  A little extra here and a little extra there.  Things are just not what (or where) they once were and we feel like we should be doing something about it.  But what?  To be fit does not mean we have to take a class we dread 3 days a week, run mile after torturous mile, measure this, weigh that, or throw out all our favorite junk foods (Keebler Fudge Cookies, I will not forsake you).  No, being fit means we are taking care of our bodies so we can do all the things.  There is another definition, and synonyms that make me love this word, Fit, even more.

Definition 2 – having the requisite qualities or skills to undertake something competently

synonyms of fitness –  good health, strengthrobustnessvigortoughness, able

This is the good stuff. We are able, we are strong, we are robust, we are tough, we are fit.  I want to share how we get there, how we get off track, and how we get right back on.


Definition 1- small, loose particles of stone or sand

We all have a little grit in our lives don’t we?  Grit we’ve swept under our rugs, grit hid high on shelves in our closets, grit we’ve tasted in our mouths, grit we’ve felt under our feet, grit that’s chilled our bones, and grit that’s molded and filled in the empty cracks in our lives. The grit is hard to talk about sometimes, but we need it don’t we? It’s in all of us.

Definition 2- courage and resolve; strength of character

Grit makes us who we are.  Grit pushes us forward, clenches our teeth and our fists, and puts up the fight for our lives. I want to show you the grit that makes me who I am, good and bad.  I want to see the dirty grit that is making you, good and bad.


Definition 1 – simple elegance or refinement of movement

When grace walks into a room we all stare don’t we.  Ears listen when she speaks, children run into her open arms, and hearts open up with a touch of her hand. We can all think of a Grace in our lives, she is different than all the rest. How do we get to be grace?

Definition 2- the free and unmerited favor of God

Wait, we already have grace? It was freely given to us? Yes and yes, but we constantly need to be reminded. We forget to give grace to others. And we forget to give grace to ourselves. Let’s remember grace together.

I hope you’ll come alongside me. Let yourself feel, heal, deal, and tell me the words you need to hear.

I’m looking forward to this new place.

Welcome to Fit, Grit, & Grace.

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