Wednesday Workout 8-1 Walking with Weights

Guess what?! I didn’t do a workout today, and it was OK! We need an off day or two or three!

Mental rest, emotional rest, and physical rest are more important than doing a workout that your heart’s not in.

But, a quick workout I wanted to share with you is Walking with Weights.

This workout was my go to when I was in the last few weeks of pregnancy with both kiddos. You just need to pick up a set of LIGHT dumbbells and go for a 30-40 minute walk! If you’re not comfortable with weights, pick an even lighter weight. Light weight still makes a difference.

You can do active walking and swing the weights naturally as your arms coordinate with your steps. Think power walker! Or you can get brave for a minute and do several sets of different bicep curls, overhead presses, and triceps extensions. This is harder than you might think, so return to walking naturally as needed.

And if you hate it, skip the weights and just get outside and enjoy a walk!

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