Running Hills & Heart Conditioning

4 mile run in Dollar Bay Michigan

Running hills is hard.

At the bottom of the hill, I dig my feet in and my legs start to burn as I climb up. My lungs fill with fire and I think my heart will pound out of my chest. It hurts and sometimes I have to walk it.

Then I look up and I’m almost to the top where I know I’ll surely find some relief. At the top my muscles loosen up, my breath evens out, and my heart beats steady because it has been made a little bit stronger.

The run down is easy, I just go with the slope. It’s never hard to just slide down back to the bottom, is it? The bottom is where you choose to stay or meet your next hill and start all over again.

Running hills is a lot like life.

Life is hard when we are trudging up from the bottoms of our battles. We dig our feet in and forget we aren’t climbing alone.

We forget that relief is at the top if we would just lift our eyes up. It was nailed to a cross and pierced for our heart’s sake.

Once we find Him though, we aren’t signing up for smooth roads. We still slip down fast as we go along with the flow of the world.

It’s so easy to just go along with everyone else, darn it.

But we’ve got a hope this time, a confidence that comes from a heart conditioned.

We can take our hills and ups and downs now because He’s put a new beat in our chests.

Running hills is hard.

Life is hard.

Condition your heart.

A conditioned heart is strong.

I am weak.

He is strong.

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