The Experiment

I love social media and how it connects us. I love staying in touch with old friends and building relationships with new ones. But I want to do it face to face right now, not in my pajamas watching Impractical Jokers on the couch.

I want to sit at tables and grab hands. I want to open my front door with arms open for a hug. I want to take walks and talk about hard things. I want to hear people laugh and wipe my silly happy tears as I laugh along with them. I want to see hearts beating and watch lives change.

I love to look at your pictures, laugh at your memes, and read what you have to say, but right now I think I’m supposed to do a little more than scroll through peoples lives.

I feel called to go out and meet you where you are, show love, have faith, hold you up, let you hold me, mend heart’s, and keep digging deeper into my dream.

I continuously feel lead to do things that God knows I think are scary. I’m shy and quiet and am most comfortable with my own thoughts and my own voice. But still, he says go do this, Brooke. I’ll be right here with you and I’m not giving you another choice.

I’m going to take some time for people, some time to write and sing. It’s going to be really good.

So goodbye social media, just for a little while. God’s got an experiment for me. I think he wants me to make people smile.

You can still catch my blog on Facebook, WordPress automatically posts my published posts!

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