Wednesday Workout

Happy Independence Day!

It’s a holiday and even though we may have the day off work, we typically have a full day of fun, family, food, and fireworks leaving little time for a workout.

I have three tips for holiday workouts.

1. Wake up and workout.

Just get it done right away!

And make it something simple that you don’t have to think about. On holidays I tell myself 3 miles or 30 minutes. So I either run three miles or do a 30 minute video.

It gets your day started off with a good mindset, gets you going, and then you have the rest of your day to relax and have fun!

2. Eat the yummy food!

But eat smarter, and drink LOTS of water.

I still eat the burgers and brats and dips and all the good things, but I pass on the chips because I know I can’t just eat a few, and I pass on the buns! Instead I eat veggies with the dip and wrap my burgers in lettuce.

And I sub water for all the drinks, usually flavored with grape crystal light because that’s my weakness.

3. Don’t beat yourself up!

So what if your workout isn’t great or doesn’t happen. Maybe you indulge in a little too much food. Recognize it and work harder tomorrow!

My workout today was a 3 mile run and a quick set of 25 push-ups, 50 crunches, and 1 minute planks on each side.

This picture isn’t from today, but I didn’t wear red white or blue this morning…oops!

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