Wait and See

I’ll wait and see what you’ve willed for me. What plans you’ve designed so carefully.
Plans To fill my heart with joy, and bring glory every morning.
Plans to push me to run faster, in a race you’ve coursed just for me.
You gave me lungs and a voice to sing.
You gave me words for friends to read.
You gave me legs and a path to run.
You gave me hope when I came undone.
I’ll wait and see.

I’ll wait and see because you first chose me. You created me and brought me up so beautifully.
Created in me a desire to serve. To give my whole heart in all I do.
Created in me a drive for life. To be the person you want me to.
You brought me to life, and want to show me more.
You brought me to love, a love I’ve never felt before.
You brought me to death, to die so that I might live.
You brought me to truth, a truth only you can give.
I’ll wait and see.

I’ll wait and see where you’re taking me. There is no place I’d rather be.
If you start a fire I want to burn.
If you have a lesson I want to learn.
Let me be a part of this.
Don’t let me add to or take away one single notion.
Let me wait and see.
Don’t let me move if you are not giving me the motion.

Only here with you, I’ll wait and see.

I want to wait and see.

The places I’m going I cannot see, but you tell me they’re worth any harm this world can place on me.

Just wait and see. I’ll wait and see.

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