Fortune Cookies

I got to speak to the warmest group of ladies on this little fortune cookie message last week, and I thought I should share it here too, where it all started.

This fortune came to me at a time when I didn’t feel inspiring at all. Actually, I felt like putting down this part of me. Taking a break from writing and speaking words that move me, that I hoped moved others. Because I was tired, because I was defeated, because I felt like no one was listening, like none of this even mattered.

I don’t really put much into fortunes, but I do believe that God can use even a fortune cookie to get my attention and change my heart. And he did.

Two days after getting this fortune, I was invited to speak at an event because someone thought I would be inspiring. God, you are so good!

God let me know I was right where I was supposed to be, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing! I believe that God puts us in the best places for us. He places us where we can be used, molded, refined, and bring others to him and glory to his name.

But just because we are right where we need to be, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy. Actually it’s still really hard and exhausting and can feel completely wrong.

But that is where and how we become the people God designed us to be. We heal, we find strength, we make peace, and we spread his goodness. Because when we walk in the way he has for us, he goes with us, for us, and in us. Amen!