Don’t let Satan get you

It was a bumpy start to our morning today. I was troubled with some uncertainty, and my kids picked up on it right away.

“What’s wrong, mom? Are you sad?” They asked me in the car on the way to work.

I told them I was a little bit sad, and told them why. Immediately they pointed me to Jesus.

“Don’t let Satan get you, mom. That’s Satan trying to get you.”

We often talk to the kids about Satan, and how he likes to take our smiles, our happiness, and our joy. And they realized that he was after my joy today.

We only have a four minute drive to work, so we didn’t get to talk about it more after that. But their words didn’t stop speaking to me.

The day went on and their attitudes started to turn sour. Satan was after them too, and still hanging on to me. Even though they’d just called Satan out this morning, here he was creeping into their own hearts. What a sneaky snake, an evil ugly jerk!

By the end of the work day we had had it with him, and God must have too because he put it in Charlie’s heart to share a verse with me in the few minutes we had together before her piano lesson.

“Mom, do you know John 3:16?” She asked me.

Of course I knew it, but I wanted to hear her take on it.

“God loves us so much, mom. He sent Jesus for us. He had to die for us. He loves you and me so much, mom. He loves all of us. I think you need to tell someone that today so that Satan doesn’t get them.”

That was it, and then we were off to piano and karate, and home late for dinner and bedtime. And now here I am. Doing what she told me I should do.

Sharing John 3:16…

“For God so loved the world (us), that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

If you’re reading this right now, know you are so loved. God sent his son to die for your sins so that you could be free! Believe you are free. Believe God. Don’t let Satan steal your smile, your joy, or your life any longer. Don’t let Satan get you.