Charlie Dreams

I haven’t shared on here in months. Months have felt much longer lately, but also all blurred together and moving too fast all at the same time.

We lost Gordy’s mom, Barb, to colon cancer in early September of last year, and like Charlie says, our family will never be the same.

I think each of us lost a part of this life that was so precious to us when we lost Barb. Barb brought joy in so many ways. We all saw Jesus up close in her living, her fighting cancer, and her life still touching people after her death.

Charlie has dreams of Barb sometimes and they’re always different, but always end the same. Charlie will dream she’s a little bit older and see Barb, and Barb will tell her to make the family happy.

Today Charlie had a hard day. She didn’t want to focus on school. She had an attitude all morning, that I just blamed on it being Monday. But after work I took the kids swimming and she only wanted to swim for a little while, when usually I’m begging her to get out of the pool. Instead today, she got out and wrapped up in Barb’s pool towel and just walked around a bit before she came over and told me about another one of her dreams.

She dreamed this time that she was performing on a stage and we were all in the audience watching. Then she saw Barb and Barb smiled at her, her pretty Grandma smile, and told her to make everyone happy.

Charlie does make so many people happy. She’s got that little light that brightens days, lifts heads, and changes attitudes.

I love that God gives her glimpses of Grandma in her dreams, and that she’s reminded to stay joyful. That’s truly what Barb would want. For us to seek joy in the Lord! And then praise God for it!

We miss Barb so very much. She’s still all over our lives and I think she always will be. Especially with these Charlie dreams that make me cry, but encourage us all to be happy.

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