A Word for My Charlie Girl

Every day you grow a little more.

Every day you’re a little older than before.

Your legs grew strong so you could walk, and your lips formed words as you began to talk.

Your hands learned to busy themselves.

You need me less and climb on a stool now to reach the shelves.

You still want to be carried and that’s fine with me.

We go up the stairs to bed and I don’t remember when you got so heavy.

Your little eyes watch me close.

You sing my songs, walk like me, talk like me, and I now see me in you the most.

You teach me how to slow down.

To sit still and breathe you in.

To hold you close when you let me because you’ll never be this little again.

You teach me how to wait for things.

To count each moment as a blessing.

You show me the goodness the waiting brings.

That our stories are written in the guessing.

My darling girl, how I love to watch you grow.

Your little heart shows mercy and you’re stronger than you know.

You bring joy to everyone you meet.

With happy songs, hugs and kisses, and a smile that’s so kind.

I’ll miss putting shoes on your little feet.

And picking which princess story to tell you because you can’t make up your mind.

I wish I could keep you small forever.

I just don’t want you to grow.

I’ll always love being together.

These things little girl, I just wanted you to know.

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