Since I’ve been gone…

I started classes at the end of August and they’ve kept me crazy busy. I’ve been writing thousands of words a week and am being challenged more than I imagined, but I really miss this blog.

I reminded myself today that I asked God for this. I asked for the challenge and trials to make me brave. And now it’s right here in front of me! I get to read and write, create, dream, and share.

But as much as I am thankful my prayer was answered, I still get a little bit scared. It was so much easier saying I wanted to be a writer, but now I actually have to come up with real words!

I’ll try to share some of my projects with you as I complete them, but they are mostly fiction. This is a new thing for me, I always thought I’d write more self-help and motivation. But as I dig deeper into the craft I really like them both. And maybe fiction isn’t your style because it’s all made up. But I’ve learned it holds some lessons inside that we can apply to so many situations.

Give it a chance! I am!